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ISS 2018 & Dynamic Seating: Enhancing Participation through Movement

ISS 2018 & Dynamic Seating: Enhancing Participation through Movement

Michelle L. Lange, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS

The International Seating Symposium takes place each March and this year returned to beautiful Vancouver, Canada. I had the privilege to present a pre-symposium half-day course on Dynamic Seating: Enhancing Participation through Movement with Jessica Presperin Pedersen, OTD, MBA, OTR/L, ATP/SMS. We had a full house with participants from around the world interested in Dynamic Seating. In addition to the presented content, we had a significant amount of questions and interaction with the attendees. We also had a variety of dynamic seating products in the room for the attendees to explore at the end of the session.

Michelle Lange leads the dynamic seating course at ISS 2018

The Dynamic Seating course at the 2018 International Seating Symposium

Our session defined this area of wheelchair seating intervention and explored clinical applications. Many participants remarked that they are working with clients who could benefit from dynamic seating. A number of questions and comments centered around the need for research in this area. Although some research has been done, much more is needed to better support this area of intervention. We had a wonderful opportunity to network with others who are working literally around the world and attempt to bring together our clinical findings and research results.

On the last day of the conference, a group of us gathered to discuss Dynamic Seating. The group consisted of interested clinicians, manufacturers and researchers from around the world. We identified some goals for this group and look forward to continuing the excitement and momentum of ISS as we keep working. Our initial goals include:

  • Identifying interested members
  • Defining Dynamic Seating
  • Determining an expert consensus on clinical indicators and applications
  • Possibly creating a formal Consensus Statement / White Paper / Position Paper
  • Expanding a current Literature Review
  • Advancing research
  • Providing education
  • Acquiring funding to assist in meeting these goals

If you are interested in participating in this group, please contact me at We welcome your participation!

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